NED iteration 2 (NEDi2) 

This is the NED iteration 2 test site for use by ERS suppliers to test software against the information provided in the NEDi2 schema, message specification and validation process.

If you do not have a username and password for the site, please contact

Important Information

The API Key you use to submit procedures for the NEDi2 validation testing has changed, your new API Key can be found on the NED Upload Queue screen.

If you are uploading test procedures for NEDi2 validation using the NEDi2.1 schema there is a different web service URL that you will need to submit your test procedures to this can also be found on the NED Upload Queue screen. Please note that there are no NEDi2.1 test procedures and the existing NEDi2 test procedures have not been modified to take NED2.1 elements into consideration. Any NEDi2.1 elements will be highlighted as not matching the test procedure, but these issues will be ignored when manually reviewing your uploaded procedures.

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